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What is The Declutter Academy?

Studying and practising a wide range of disciplines and modalities over the last two decades, my decluttering umbrella uniquely covers the key principles of Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Style Consultancy, Media and Communications, Project Management, IT, Training, Energy Work, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Quantum Thinking Technologies and Life Coaching. The Declutter Academy Certified Professional Organizer Online Training holistically incorporates the essential best-practice information from all these relevant fields as well as all the specialised decluttering tools and techniques I’ve personally developed and used to get results with my own clients, so you don’t have to spend the time, energy and money doing all the required research and study in order to learn how to be a professional organizer and build a career in this area.

I’ve facilitated and participated in many cutting-edge business mentoring and networking programmes in the past number of years, and The Declutter Academy online professional organizer certification also includes core instructions on setting up and running a decluttering and organising business, charging for your services and developing and communicating your unique message and offerings.


Who is The Declutter Academy for?

This Certified Professional Organizer Online Training is for you if:

  1. You would love to start with yourself and discover the best way to finally declutter and let go, organise, shop and create the wardrobe, home and life that inspire you and make you happy
  2. You really want to help friends and family to let go, but you are worried about how best to handle the situation


  1. You love decluttering and/or organising but just don’t know how to be a professional organizer or start a part-time or full-time business in the area or add these services to your existing business
  2. You are nervous that you may not be able to understand or manage the wide range of challenges and emotions that clients experience with decluttering and letting go
  3. You are concerned that you don’t have the necessary range of knowledge or tools or the confidence to help clients organise and create the stylish wardrobe and home that reflects their personal tastes and individual requirements
  4. You are worried about any of the competencies you require to become a professional organizer and run a successful business such as working closely with clients in their homes, managing client expectations, creating and pricing your services, or defining or marketing your unique business approach


Want to find out more about The Declutter Academy?

Teaching, coaching and mentoring others is such a passion of mine, and sharing everything I’ve learned as an entrepreneur and a professional declutterer and organiser is one of my biggest loves! If you’re interested in learning how to overcome your knowledge gaps and uncertainties, becoming a certified professional organizer and building the decluttering and organising career of your dreams with ease and making money as you transform lives please join my The Declutter Academy online training email list just below to receive the full information as soon as this professional organizer certification is open for registration.

I really can’t wait to connect with you and show you everything I know about how to become a professional organizer!

Breda x


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