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Thank you for your interest in my Declutter Therapy ultimate wardrobe decluttering experience hardback book-and-DVD set!

Wardrobe decluttering is a task that so many of us want to avoid! Although most of us genuinely want to part with our unwanted items, we are often held back by lack of information or overwhelm. Interacting with the wardrobe multiple times a day, we can’t avoid a cluttered, disorganised wardrobe – we simply have to get dressed in the morning and undressed at night! Usually in the room here we retreat, wind down and sleep, our wardrobe really needs to be our best friend.

Confronting a range of emotions, feelings and memories, wardrobe decluttering is a very personal process. Sometimes we are too embarrassed to ask for help, and hiring professional help isn’t always feasible. When we declutter we open up to an incredible range of practical and holistic benefits, ultimately creating more stress-free, organised lives.

My goal is to motivate and teach women to declutter effectively. Driven by my passion to reach as many women as possible and to make this know-how more accessible I spent a very enjoyable 9 months creating a beautiful Hardback Book-and-DVD Set called Declutter Therapy™ ultimate wardrobe decluttering experience, a simple, interactive, step-by-step system for successful decluttering and shopping.


How Declutter Therapy can help you

Through Declutter Therapy I will teach you how to:

  • Remove overwhelm to create order
  • Shop less and more selectively to save money and time
  • Take control of your physical possessions and create a life-enhancing environment
  • Adopt a positive new mindset and the skills to declutter your wardrobe and the rest of your home

You will learn how to:

  • Define what ‘clutter’ is to you
  • Part with unwanted items with ease
  • Distribute unwanted items in a way that’s meaningful and guilt-free
  • Make money from your valuable unwanted items
  • Organise your items to save time and energy
  • Create a wardrobe for your body, age, budget, lifestyle and personal taste
  • Maintain your decluttered environment with ease

Declutter Therapy is based on feedback from hundreds of clients as well as my own personal experiences with decluttering. I’m delighted to share these insights through my best-practice decluttering information, steps, guidelines and tips.

What you get with Declutter Therapy

  • Industry expertise for a fraction of the cost of hiring professional help
  • The 8 practical solutions to common decluttering obstacles
  • The 4 key questions for deciding what to part with
  • The 11 must-do steps for decluttering preparation
  • The 10 TOP TIPS for successful decluttering
  • A simple, step-by-step guide to interactive decluttering that works to your pace
  • The knowledge to save money and time when shopping for items in the future

Getting an honest hold of your personal style is one of the most empowering things you can do – no matter what your age, lifestyle, size or shape. The impact of a clutter-free, functional, organised wardrobe where everything fits and flatters is remarkable, and it gives you the confidence and motivation to declutter and organise other areas of your home and life. Combining elements from Life Coaching, Self Help, Interior Design, Feng Shui, Environment, Lifestyle and Style, Declutter Therapy offers many benefits in all areas of life. It focuses on the wardrobe and the principles extend to the rest of your home and life.

The Declutter Therapy content is relevant to women of all ages everywhere. The beautiful, high-quality coffee-table finish also makes it a very attractive gift.


  • Beautiful and inspiring as a publication.

    Irish Examimer

  • By chance I spotted an article about Breda’s book in a magazine recently and I already have two thirds of my house decluttered thanks to this inspirational book. Breda’s straightforward no nonsense approach struck an instant chord in that part of my brain that kept procrastinating about the mammoth task ahead of me. My 5 bedroom house was heaving under a tsunamni of books, clothes, tapes, CDs and general bric a brac. My life became so much easier and I dip into the book regularly when I am baulking at completing the final third of my decluttering. I owe Breda a debt of gratitude and all her practical suggestions cost little or nothing. An eternally grateful reader.


  • Declutter Therapy helped me clear out two spare rooms of clothing that was mostly unworn with tags on (guilt no more!) and I shredded three big black bags worth of documents that I’d been keeping since the 1970s!


  • The book is a wonderful read – crisp, clean and written in a beautiful way. A truly lovely gift for any woman.


  • Declutter Therapy came to me at just the right time. I had finally decided to get my life in order but didn’t know how to go about it. I found this book to be greatly inspirational, it gave me the push I needed to make the changes I had so long promised myself! The images and suggestions in the book helped make the process enjoyable & when I finished the sense of achievement and utter relief made me wonder why I didn’t start this process a long time ago. Declutter Therapy now doubles up as one of my ‘show books’ on my coffee table. I find it great as a reference and a reminder not to fall back to my old ways..


  • A superb, highly-accesible book.

    Irish Examimer Property and Interiors

  • Declutter Therapy is so different to anything I’ve seen and is what women everywhere have been crying out for! I just loved the thought-provoking content and the beautiful presentation. It was like an indulgent diary with all the interactive little exercises! The process was insightful and thorough but still gentle and has made me feel much more relaxed and comfortable with change. A must-have experience!


  • It changed how I shop.


  • I spent years saying I’d get someone in to help me declutter but I never did – I’m a private person and it was just too embarrassing to let anyone into my wardrobe. Not alone did I finally declutter with Declutter Therapy but we also cleared out the spare room and donated five big bags to charity! It was such a relief to be free from all that stuff. I find myself thinking about the Selective Shopping guidelines when I go shopping. Things I would have settled for before just don’t seem good enough for my wardrobe now and instead of buying items for the sake of it, I come home with clothes that I actually look forward to wearing. I can’t tell you how exciting that is!


  • The DVD had some really quirky and useful ideas and tips – I made some very welcome changes to my home immediately.


  • I’ve always considered myself an organized and tidy person. I actually thought my family were having a laugh when I got a present of the decluttering book. When I started reading I felt as if this person knew me and I was captivated by the pictures and the summary quotes. I’m great at sorting out other peoples’ clutter but have been holding on to my own. It was time to face the truth-I needed to apply some of the strategies to my own things, especially clothes. There was no point in holding onto those size 10 jeans to prove that “Yes, I was that size once”, or on the other end of the scale the oversized tops etc to cover up the ‘no longer a size 10 figure’. I followed the advice and did things in stages. Clothes that I will never fit into again, clothes bought on a “feeling fat” day, sentimental clothes and so on. I have been left with a more defined sense of style which is more suitable to my age and change of shape. So, my family know me too well and this book was just the motivation I needed. Its presentation and empathetic style of writing will appeal to everyone.


  • One of the most beautifully designed books I’ve ever seen.


  • I felt like I was in a fashion cave for about a year, pregnant and post-baby. Now that I am slowly getting my body back I have been really craving some style in my life. In many ways Declutter Therapy has allowed me to begin again “stylistically”. It really was a great opportunity to figure out who I am, with a baby and without. It has allowed me to free up some well-needed space in my wardrobe by learning to let go of many of my unwanted clothes, some of which were sentimental and valuable. It was with much satisfaction I was able to give my unloved items to family, friends and the local charity. I am really enjoying my clutter-free wardrobe and now the only clothes that belong there are clothes I wear that make me look and feel great.


  • I used Declutter Therapy to declutter my wardrobe of items that weren’t inspiring or flattering. I brought a lot of items to the charity shop and am still doing so every month. This book has inspired me to keep decluttering in other areas of my house, not just my wardrobe. It is really important for your soul to maintain a decluttered home.


  • Stunning… beautifully produced… very practical. 

    RTE Today



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