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Please note that the following Terms of Use are specific to The Declutter Academy online training.

Login details (Username and Password) are for a single participant only (unless pre-arranged multi-user licence us created) and for security reasons login sessions using the same login details on different devices may result in the automatic blocking of access to the members’ area. Participants are not permitted to share The Declutter Academy or Declutter Your Wardrobe and Home accounts or supply their login details to clients or anyone else.

Only the person whose name is on The Declutter Academy Graduate Certificate is recognised as a Certified Graduate with The Declutter Academy.

All payments to The Declutter Academy are non-refundable.

If the participant is unable to complete the Self-Study or Certified training before any final payment(s) are due, full training fees are still payable.

If the participant is undertaking payment plans for the Self-Study Training or Certified Training, when registration is completed you pay the portion specified. You pay the same portion(s) again on the same date(s) as the initial registration the following month(s) as specified. Assignments will not be accepted or Certification will not be granted while any payments are outstanding or a payment plan is incomplete. In such case that the funds aren’t available in the provided bank account at the time that a payment is due the payment will be attempted again a number of times afterwards. If we are unable to make contact with the participant or process any remaining fees access to some or all sections of The Declutter Academy will be switched off for the participant until the situation is resolved and the participant may be no longer eligible for Certification.

The Declutter Academy training is 100% online and does not include any extra personalised one-to-one or group support or mentorship before, during or after the training. Email support on assignment, certification or training content queries is available for up to one year after student registration. Email support on technical (The Declutter Academy online members’ area) queries is available on an ongoing basis.

Although “The Declutter Academy”, “The Declutter Therapist™”, “The Declutter Therapist™”, “National Declutter Day” and “International Declutter Day” and associated logos and brand elements cannot be used, the training participant can incorporate The Declutter Academy, Declutter Your Wardrobe and Home, Understand Hoarding and Declutter Therapy ultimate wardrobe decluttering experience concepts into their own business and brand. All training materials related to The Declutter Academy, Declutter Your Wardrobe and Home, Understand Hoarding and Declutter Therapy ultimate wardrobe decluttering experience including written content, audio, videos, tutorials, assignments and toolkit documents and illustrations are Intellectual Property (IP) of The Declutter Academy and may be used in individual or group work with clients. Content in all training materials as listed above is © Copyright of The Declutter Academy may not be shared or passed off as the participant’s own Intellectual Property (IP) on social media, website, blog or any other online or offline medium of the participant or any third party.

As the techniques in the voice recordings in The Declutter Academy and Declutter Your Wardrobe and Home members’ area are based on an understanding of the workings of the subconscious mind, students are not permitted to attempt to replicate these techniques or create their own similar techniques without the appropriate qualifications in this area.

The training equips the participant with the knowledge, skills and confidence to assist and advise in the physical decluttering and organisation of a client’s living or work space. Please note that the training does not equip the participant to undertake non-physical (including and not limited to “declutter your mind”, “declutter your life”, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual) decluttering or non-physical (e.g. lifestyle, schedule) organisation work with the client. The training does not equip the participant to diagnose, support or work with more serious clutter or hoarding cases that require specialised skills, training and experience.

The student is not permitted to create a body of work, online members’ area or training body that is decluttering-related or similar in any manner or format to The Declutter Academy or teach, train, coach or advise others in the area of professional decluttering or organising or use any of The Declutter Academy content (documents, videos, tutorials, MP3’s voice recordings, etc.) in this vein.

A mark of 60% is required for students to pass. Further information may be requested from participants before a result can be given or a re-doing of assignments may be required for students who are not meeting the required standard.

Please note that Terms of Use of The Declutter Academy are correct as of 30/01/17 and may be subject to change.

For general Terms of Use of Declutter Therapy and The Declutter Therapist, please see here.

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