Top Tips For Looking Curvier

I’ve done countless talks over the years about wardrobe decluttering and personal style, and one topic that has always attracted a bit of surprise (and even initial skepticism) is the area of using our clothing to add curves. I’m very often asked “Why would you want to do that?” Although there has been such an emphasis since the 1990’s in particular on looking slimmer (all that “size zero” lark), being very thin doesn’t suit most of us, especially as we age, and I myself have had periods where I have just been too thin.

In the last while, ideals around the female shape have again changed dramatically, and although I celebrate the promotion of a healthier, more feminine body image it’s almost gone full circle with the caricature-like curves that are being made fashionable through today’s celebrity culture!

The idea of the “perfect figure” is a myth. That said, the female figure tends to looks best when we are emulating the hourglass (figure of eight shape) shape through our clothing – creating curves of equal proportion in the bust and hips while creating the illusion of a narrower waist, and here are my 10 Top Tips for Looking Curvier for ladies of average height. And there are no extreme measures required!

  1. Wear clothes with cuts that have ruffles and ruching to add volume
  2. Fake the hourglass by cinching in the waist with a belt
  3. Wear streamlined, curve-creating underwear to nip in the waist and add volume to the chest and bum
  4. Avoid clothes that are too baggy, boxy or masculine in cut as they drown your shape
  5. Try prints and patterns such as florals, vertical stripes and graphics to add character
  6. Go for clothing with embellishment such as sequins, stitching, beading and fancy buttons
  7. Wear pencil skirts to give the illusion of a more generous hips and bum
  8. Go for feminine, flouncy dresses and skirts and shape-creating necklines to add volume
  9. Experiment with light and bright colours and a variety of fabric textures and weights
  10. Create layers with scarves, tops and jackets to add interest and create depth

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