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I’m a Coach, NLP Practitioner, Holistic Therapist and Trainer who specialises in decluttering and letting go. Over the last two decades I’ve studied many disciplines, initially undertaking a Degree in Media and Communications and a Higher Diploma in Systems Analysis: Business Systems Development before completing courses in Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Project Management, Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Quantum Thinking Technologies (QTT), Style Consultancy, Training and Reiki Mastership.

I know I’ve a special ability to help people to “let go”, and I’m passionate about continually developing my own decluttering skills and knowledge so I can empower my students and clients with the information, tools and techniques that inspire transformation at the deepest of levels.

Having worked in IT for 10 years, I left my Software Test Team Lead Role in 2010 to focus on developing my concept and running my own business full-time. Although there was some talk of decluttering on a practical level, I felt there was very little awareness of the therapeutic nature of the process, and I wanted to share what I had personally learned about these benefits. Having experienced my own challenges with “letting go”, I was also frustrated by the limited understanding (and even insensitivity) around the complex and deep-rooted decluttering blocks with which so many people struggle.

After setting up “The Declutter Therapist™”, I made the decisions to create National Declutter Day (now International Declutter Day) and write my Declutter Therapy book in 2011.

I founded The Declutter Academy to train people to help others declutter and organise as I felt a need to share a holistic approach to the profession that is balanced, gentle and impactful in the long-term in every single area of our lives, not just our wardrobes and homes.

It’s been a joy to receive such a spotlight on my work through so many media features and partnerships since the very start, and my “Declutter Therapy™” approach being internationally recognised as a modality and The Declutter Academy an international trainer with the IICT have been the real icing on the cake for me!

I remember sitting at my desk in my IT jobs daydreaming about decluttering people’s wardrobes, homes and and lives for a living, and, years later, helping others to “LET IT GO” continues to thrill me every single day!


Why “logic” in decluttering only gets us so far

I know from personal and professional experience that going into decluttering with emotions like impatience, overwhelm, guilt, shame, procrastination or sadness continually results in failure and disappointment, as we never see any real results. Although we may have some awareness around which emotions are blocking our progress, this logical understanding doesn’t get us very far. Unless we actually learn how to let go of or “release” on these feelings, we stay stuck. This letting go is not something we’re ever really taught, in any aspect of our lives, yet this is the only skill that guarantees our ability to finally declutter and create the wardrobes, homes and lives we deserve.

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