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Offering a variety of Decluttering Consultations since 2010, Breda’s niche, customised Decluttering Services are designed to help you in the most compassionate, inspiring and transformative way.

Get personal one-to-one support in any aspect of decluttering or organising your wardrobe, home or life or avail of specialist bereavement support to help you let go after the loss of a loved one, whether family member, friend or beloved pet. Conveniently done in the comfort of your own home via Skype or Zoom, learn more about Decluttering Consultations and Letting Go After Bereavement Consultations and book your one-to-one today below.


This one-to-one decluttering service will enable you to:

  • Overcome feeling stuck, overwhelmed or flat in your wardrobe, home, business or life
  • Break through heavy frustration, guilt, shame or sadness
  • Get direction in your personal style, your home style or your shopping
  • Learn the key decluttering steps and gather all the information you need
  • Get motivated with your decluttering and organising
  • Finally “LET IT GO” in your wardrobe, home or life so you can make space for what you really want
  • Feel clear and confident about your decluttering and organising decisions
  • Understand what you need to know for real, lasting decluttering success
  • Build the wardrobe, home and life that is right for you and makes you happy
  • Begin to take meaningful action that is inspired and easy in your wardrobe, home or life


This one-to-one decluttering service will enable you to:

  • Declutter your loved one’s or your shared items with honour and in respect of their memory
  • Choose which items are important and which you’re ready to part with
  • Decide the most effective, meaningful ways to distribute unwanted items
  • Let go of any guilt or overwhelm associated with this sensitive situation
  • Feel the freedom to be able create a clutter-free and organised space that is comfortable, welcoming and reflects all your needs
  • Find a sense of comfort and peace of mind in your difficult situation
  • Heal deep grief, guilt or any unhelpful emotions that are weighing you down
  • Positively reconnect with the memory of your departed loved one
  • Begin to feel positive about life after your loss
  • Make the right decisions for you and your loved ones today
  • Take the next positive steps in your life with clarity, confidence and trust
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Available on all one-off (single) payments on The Declutter Academy [Self-Study and Certified training], Declutter Your Wardrobe and Home, Understand Hoarding and Decluttering Seminar online programmes.

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Offer ends 11.59pm GMT 16th January 2022.