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The essential 5-part Professional Decluttering Training process for overcoming your uncertainties and knowledge gaps so you can declutter to help yourself or others or build a career in a uniquely specialised, cutting-edge area of decluttering.

In-Person Certified Training in Ireland

What is The Declutter Academy Live Training?

The Declutter Academy is an in-person professional Certified training in Ireland. You don’t need any special qualifications or background as it teaches you all the skills and information you need to be able to declutter your own space, help others let go and create a rewarding decluttering and organising business with ease.

The training offers the leading-edge, tried-and-tested decluttering approach that’s designed to create freedom in all layers and levels of your life, beyond your wardrobe, home and workspace!

This live training is a face-to-face course that teaches you the three critical elements so you can do what you love and transform living spaces and lives with confidence and ease:

  1. YOURSELF: Master the art of decluttering and organising and put the heart back into your wardrobe and home
  2. OTHERS: Implement what you’ve learned to help friends and family or paid clients and transform their lives
  3. CAREER: Build a meaningful business that inspires and rewards you

How do I know if The Declutter Academy Live Training is for me?

Ask yourself these few questions

  1. Would you love to start with yourself and discover the best way to finally declutter and let go, organise, shop and create the wardrobe, home and life that inspire you and make you happy?
  2. Do you really want to help friends and family to let go, but you are worried about how best to handle the situation?


  1. Do you love decluttering and/or organising but just don’t know how to start a part-time or full-time business in the area or add these services to your existing business?
  2. Are you nervous that you may not be able to understand or manage the wide range of challenges and emotions that clients experience with decluttering and letting go?
  3. Are you concerned that you don’t have the necessary range of knowledge or tools or the confidence to help clients organise and create the stylish wardrobe and home that reflects their personal tastes and individual requirements?
  4. Are you worried about any of the many different aspects of running a successful career such as working closely with clients in their homes or businesses, managing client expectations, creating and pricing your services, or defining or marketing your unique business approach?

If you answer yes to any of the above, you can find out all about our 2024 live training below!

Based on the Declutter Therapy modality, The Declutter Academy Certification is internationally-recognised and professionally-insured.

The training was created by Breda Stack of Declutter Therapy, leading expert in decluttering and letting go since 2010. Irish decluttering author, speaker, coach, trainer, media contributor, founder of National and International Declutter Day, charity spokesperson and decluttering consultant to global household brands, Breda also specialises in the little-understood “LET IT GO” mindset. She shares her countless critical and fascinating personal and professional decluttering-related education, insights and experiences in person through The Declutter Academy Certified Live Training.

The Declutter Academy 5-part training process 

  1. Plan and complete the wardrobe decluttering process and guide yourself, your friend or family member or your female or male client around organisation, storage, self-image, body shape, colour, signature style, lifestyle requirements and selective shopping so they can build and enjoy the wardrobe that makes them feel happy and confident
  2. Prepare for and complete the home decluttering process and help yourself, your friend or family member or your female or male client in the areas of organisation, storage, interior décor and design, personal taste and lifestyle requirements so they can create the home that makes them feel relaxed and inspired
  3. Overcome any of your uncertainties and blocks so you can be your very best as a decluttering professional
  4. Eliminate any knowledge gaps in this detailed process so you can fully understand yourself, your friend or family member or your decluttering client and support them in the best way possible
  5. And for those who are interested in a decluttering and organising career, master what’s really involved in running this kind of business by avoiding common pitfalls and saving stress, confusion, time, energy and money so you can easily create the right decluttering and organising business for you

decluttering training course

organising training course

If you are stuck or unsure and don’t know how to:

  1. Create the wardrobe and home that makes you feel happy, confident and free
  2. Help your friends or family members to let go without difficulty or strain
  3. Overcome your fears or doubts about running a successful decluttering business
  4. Charge appropriately for your time and expertise
  5. Explain how you are different from competitors
  6. Develop the best range of individual and group services for you
  7. Help and support your decluttering clients in an effective and meaningful way
  8. Express your unique message with confidence
  9. Get your name out there in the right way
  10. Manage challenging client situations or emotions with ease
then The Declutter Academy live certified training can help you!



  • Six-month programme. Five months of one training weekend a month and sixth (final) month for submitting last of assignments.
  • Saturday and Sunday approx. 9.30am – 4.30pm
  • Please note dates may change at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. There may be some flexibility around dates where hotel and majority of students can be accommodated. In cases where weather or other conditions prevent travel, training will be conducted on scheduled dates via Zoom.


  • Full Certification as The Declutter Academy Certified Graduate
  • Train in person with Breda Stack, The Declutter Academy creator and leading decluttering expert for over 13 years through the process of achieving your Certification
  • Access to an extra 6 hours (broken into 3 x 2-hour online sessions) one-to-one mentoring via Zoom with Breda for individual guidance and support on achieving your Certification and creating your business during training period
  • Access to dedicated email support for duration of training
  • Small training group to facilitate maximum student-teacher engagement and learning
  • Members’ Area access to The Declutter Academy online with tutorials, videos, audio and 50+ invaluable downloadable Toolkit aids to support your personal and client decluttering
  • Hard copy (printed folder) of all The Declutter Academy tutorial training material
  • Members’ Area access to Declutter Your Wardrobe and Home online course and Understand Hoarding online support tool
  • Copy of Declutter Therapy hardback book
  • Tea/coffee with sweet treats on live training days (lunch not included)


  • Lifetime access to all online training resources
  • Full specialist business insurance cover option available for graduates
  • Potential Client Referral programme available for graduates
  • Professional mentoring at special rate available for graduates for guidance and direction in their future decluttering business or client work


  • How it breaks down
    1. Certification and online Members’ Area access: Value €1500
    2. In person training: Value €1000
    3. 6-hours one-to-one mentoring (three x 2-hour sessions via Zoom): Value €750
    4. Printed course notes and Declutter Therapy book, tea / coffee and sweet treats on training days: Value €150
    5. Email access during 6-month training period: Value €500
  • Course price: Total €3900 €2850. Early bird discount of €350 to total of €2500 on full payments  
  • Payment plans can be discussed

Download The Declutter Academy Live Training Curriculum to see all the learning objectives.

The Declutter Academy training content has been designed to equip you with all the skills and confidence for helping others declutter their wardrobes and homes through real-world client experiences within the supportive mentoring and interactive group environment of the classroom.

Click on the star to access.


  • I had, as far back as I can remember, an aptitude for decluttering/tidying/organising.   However, I felt that these capabilities were under-utilised and as a consequence I was not entirely fulfilled in my professional life.  It wasn’t until I found The Declutter Academy training that I realised that I could obtain a professional qualification in the area of decluttering, offer services that really could be used to help people and also be fulfilling for me professionally.  I thought what the training covered was ideally suited to my interests and that I had to be part of it. I was so thrilled someone had built a business in the area and was now helping others do the same.

    For years I had doubted whether decluttering really was something people were interested in as a service so I kept my interest purely private.  While I was an active declutterer myself I rarely shared my hints and tips with others. I hadn’t made any attempt to do any work in the area before I did the course as I didn’t know how a career could be built in this area.  The lovely thing about the course is that I now have total confidence that there is a need for these services and that I’m now equipped to deliver them.

    From the start the course outline and goals were clearly laid out.  Access to all online training material was immediate and material was of the highest quality.  The hard copies mirrored the online content and were always available on the day of training.  Breda could not have been more helpful in sharing all other helpful ancillary materials such as body shape guides she had found useful in her years of experience.

    The course days themselves were always enjoyable and always linked back to real world examples of the ideas we were discussing.  Breda is also very clear on each person developing their own particular voice and approach to providing declutter service and she encouraged to find our own areas of interest within the field.

    The training has given me the confidence to embark on a completely new and exciting profession.  It has also helped me to find clarity in other aspects of my life and to live in a more mindful way, letting go of things that do not serve me.

    Everyone I have worked with has remarked at the noticeable difference in their physical space and how much better they feel afterwards.  Not alone that but as we have applied the training to address the root causes of their clutter they have also benefitted from the fact that their relationship to their wardrobe, household or office has altered entirely.

How to book your place on The Declutter Academy Live Training 

  • Deposit of €500 by bank transfer is required to secure place on training
  • Places very limited
  • Please contact or Breda on 086-2395056 now to discuss further and book your place on The Declutter Academy Live Training 2024 today. I look forward to supporting you on your special professional decluttering path and sharing this fun, inspiring and transformative learning experience with you!


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