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The informative 3-stage online support tool that helps you understand your, your friend or family or your client’s clutter or hoarding problem so you can manage this complex and sensitive situation in the appropriate way, identify suitably-skilled decluttering help and work towards the best possible outcome with confidence, clarity and peace of mind.


Thank you for your interest in Understand Hoarding.

Understand Hoarding is the specially-designed online support tool that teaches you to uncover the many unhelpful and confusing misconceptions and misinformation about clutter and hoarding, understand the challenging and little-known causes and blocks to clutter and hoarding and make the right decisions for yourself, your loved one or your client in order to get the optimum outcome for your unique situation.

This is an overview of the support tool I’ve developed.

Who is Understanding Hoarding for?

This support tool is for you if you or your loved one has a clutter or hoarding problem or if your professional work overlaps with this area in any way and you answer YES to any of the following:

  • Are you concerned, worried or stressed about the clutter or hoarding problem?
  • Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated about a lack of progress with the situation?
  • Are you aware that this is a delicate and complex situation but you don’t fully understand it?
  • Are you finding it difficult to understand or manage the range of challenging emotions experienced by yourself or anyone else who’s impacted by the situation?
  • Are you confused about or mistrusting of some of the information or advice that’s out there?
  • Do you feel the situation is out of control and impacting on your life or the lives of friends, family or neighbours?
  • Do you want to work towards the best possible outcome for all involved?
  • Are you unsure of where to find the right professional help, which professional decluttering skillsets are needed or which questions to ask when sourcing professional support for your situation?
  • Do you want to feel a sense of clarity, closure or peace of mind about the situation?

Or, if you are working in the areas of decluttering / organising / cleaning / interior design / home staging and selling / personal styling / home help / mental health / social work / personal development:

  • Do you feel your lack of professional knowledge, skills or experience in this area is impacting your ability to provide the best help, support or direction for your client’s situation?

If so, this support tool is the vital first step for anyone who wants to declutter.

Understand Hoarding is a vital 3-stage process in which you will learn how to:

  1. STAGE 1: Discover the many widespread untruths and confusions around the areas of clutter and hoarding so you can avoid the biggest time-wasting and costly mistakes and focus on the most practical and meaningful information for your unique personal or professional situation
  2. STAGE 2: Understand the deeply sensitive emotions and the complex and little-known causes of clutter and hoarding and why we find decluttering so difficult so you can manage your personal or professional situation with the greatest clarity and insight
  3. STAGE 3: Understand how to gauge the extent of your personal or professional clutter or hoarding problem and make the right decisions so you can take the most progressive, measured action, hire appropriately-skilled professional decluttering help if required, and get the best possible results for your situation with confidence and peace of mind

Why did I decide to create this online support tool?

  1. Through my 20+ years of doing a wide range of professional qualifications and all my work with individual clients, the media, national and international decluttering campaigns and partnerships and also doing decluttering talks with thousands of people since 2010, I’ve been privileged to share a fresh, inspiring decluttering message and have been in the unique position to get a true sense of the reality of clutter and hoarding today, so I’m best placed to help you!
  2. I’ve felt frustrated and saddened because I haven’t been in a position to personally work with all the people who were reaching out to me in person or via email from around the world who were unable to source the right information or support on clutter or hoarding to help themselves, their loved ones or their clients so I wanted to create a very convenient and accessible package of information 
  3. I’ve come to recognise a massive gap in the knowledge, skills and insights that are needed for tangible, lasting results in the areas of clutter and hoarding and, having had such great results with my leading-edge Declutter Therapy modality, I’m very passionate about educating and empowering the wide range of professionals involved in related areas (decluttering, organising, cleaning, interior design, home staging and selling, home help, personal styling, social work, mental health, personal development, etc.)
  4. The continual feedback from my The Declutter Academy Certified Training students is that they had no idea all the skills and information they needed in order to fully and successfully declutter the wardrobe and home, and even though they were somewhat comfortable with their own personal decluttering, they weren’t aware how different this was from being able to actually help someone else declutter. Because so many people struggle with sourcing adequate professional decluttering help, for those seeking support in their homes I wanted to share my best practice guidelines, recommendations and questions so that you can get the right level of appropriately-skilled professional decluttering help first time ’round
  5. I feel concerned that much of the talk or written information about clutter or hoarding in society and the media is out of context, unhelpful or limited, and although clutter and hoarding problems are on the rise, I firmly believe it’s impossible to make any meaningful or lasting progress with this complex and sensitive issue if you don’t take the time to properly understand it. That’s why this support tool is the essential first step for anyone who is serious about getting relief with their own, their loved one’s or their client’s clutter


The investment for the Understand Hoarding online support tool is a single, one-off payment of just €99 today.

Your investment includes:

  • Short Tutorials (written, graphic and audio content) packed with all the supportive information you need to help you understand clutter and hoarding and take appropriate action
  • Practical Factsheet and Checklist PDF’s that you can download to help give you clarity and focus
  • Convenient MP3 recordings of the Tutorials that you can download and play on your phone or device
  • You will have access to each of the Understand Hoarding Tutorials, PDF’s and MP3’s for life, and this includes any future updates I make to this cutting-edge but always-relevant support tool



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  4. After you’ve registered, check your inbox straight away for your payment confirmation and an email from us at with your registration details and other support tool information


  • I expected the information to be very different but I am so positively surprised and grateful for everything I learned.


  • So inspiring!Breda gets it from all sides, this is the key to success. 


  • Professional decluttering support and information that’s top of its game.


  • Inspired, inspired, inspired


  • I’m just sorry I wasted so much time trying to research this and figure it all out myself, I could have never gotten this level of insights and understanding myself.


  • So wise, very interesting and motivating.



  • I know this will change our lives for the better, and for such a small investment it’s a must for anyone facing the reality of a clutter problem.. Thank you, Breda


  • I actually feel there’s light at the end of the tunnel for the first time of years, there’s a great relief in that and I can’t thank you enough.


  • Real, honest but yet caring and understanding. So many people need this perspective on hoarding to move forward in their homes and their lives, I feel we can finally do this now.


You may have questions

Some questions or concerns you have about the Understand Hoarding online support tool may include:

This online support tool is designed to provide you with a solid yet manageable overview of information and guidance to help you understand clutter and hoarding so you can make the right decisions and take the appropriate action for yourself, your friend or family or your client. It doesn’t cover everything I teach about decluttering in my Declutter Therapy modality and it won’t certify you or equip you with the wide range of knowledge and skills needed to declutter professionally. Note that diagnosing, assessing and working in the homes of serious hoarding client or patient cases should only be taken on by suitably qualified and experienced professionals.

For more in-depth and practical information on decluttering your own wardrobe, home and life including personal style, body shape, colour, signature style, capsule wardrobes, self-image, interior design, organisation, storage solutions and selective shopping please see my Declutter Your Wardrobe and Home online course.

To learn all the specialised skillsets required to take things to a professional level and master decluttering so you can help others declutter and organise, create a rewarding decluttering business and work with paid clients with confidence and ease please see my The Declutter Academy Professional Certification Training.

The Understand Hoarding support tool is an absolute MUST for anyone who is thinking about decluttering or who really wants to help friends, family or clients in their decluttering journey.

In order for me to best support you, there’s a range of unique and specially-developed Understand Hoarding information and tools I need you to be able to access you so you can get the best possible results, and the optimum and most cost-effective way for me to share my relevant expertise and insights with you is to do this via this secure online support tool.


I promise we make it as simple as possible and if you can open an email you will be well able for the technology!

The support tool is the shortest of my online resources but still packed full of the right information to support you where you’re at. You can go through the support tool at the pace that feels most comfortable to you and that works best for your situation – there is no time limit. The principles of the support tool will always be relevant and as you have life-long access to the material you can revisit the Tutorials, PDF Factsheets and Checklists and MP3’s any time you wish.

Do you want to make your, your loved one’s or your client’s decluttering as easy and successful as possible? If you want to avoid all the stress and save the precious time, energy and even money that so many people waste in that well worn decluttering cycle of planning-trying-failing, UNDERSTAND HOARDING IS A MUST BEFORE YOU START ANY DECLUTTERING!



  1. Click the BUY NOW button below
  2. Complete your transaction securely via Stripe (you don’t need a Stripe account – you can complete simply using a credit or debit card)
  3. You’ll be able to register for the support tool straight away and get immediate access



and many more!

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