Declutter Checklist

Declutter Checklist

I totally get how the quest to find the “right” or “best” declutter checklist could become a serious one. We need help with our decluttering, and maybe just a bit more information, that missing key step, or something said in a different way will finally motivate us towards success.

Writing decluttering checklists and tips has in particular been a big part of my career since 2010. Being lucky to get a lot of invites from the media and other partners like businesses, charities and environmental bodies, I’ve enjoyed creating such nuggets of information for it to be shared with various audiences. I’ve also written declutter checklist and tips in various forms for my own websites and teaching materials for my clients and students. We’re all looking for that silver bullet, and what could be so wrong about that?

Sadly, I come across many examples where the decluttering facts are inaccurate or, in cases, even dangerously misleading! Some of these decluttering checklists, articles or infographs are sent on to me from people in decluttering-related fields like fashion or storage with a request for me to publish them on my website, and it worries me to see that much of the information isn’t any way tried-and-tested or reflective of what clients actually need in the real world.

Why a declutter checklist may not work

  • It’s written by someone who hasn’t mastered their own decluttering or who doesn’t fully understand decluttering as a professional field
  • A single general checklist can’t account for every person’s individual or specific requirements
  • As it’s such a vast area, it’s really difficult to condense down the most important information related to decluttering (e.g. personal style, organisation, storage, décor and design, lifestyle) into a few brief points
  • The information is taken too literally
  • It’s promoting a “perfect” living environment (which doesn’t exist!) or it doesn’t respect the need for a healthy balance in decluttering and our wardrobes and homes
  • It’s too practical or logical in that it leaves out, undermines or skims over the only aspect of decluttering that brings profound and lasting success, which is mindset

“Decluttering mindset” is an area I’ve developed a unique specialisation in though my work with Declutter Therapy since 2010. This is the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and conditioning that are related to the decluttering process but are actually interlinked with every aspect of our lives. Over the years I’ve done decluttering talks with thousands of people, and it’s very interesting that so many of them tell me afterwards how they would have signed up for the talk because they were looking for “the decluttering checklist” or quick and easy tip or step, but afterwards they could see how limited they had been in this thinking.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to learn to declutter in a way that could benefit their relationship with their physical possessions, wardrobe and home as well positively affect their appearance, body, shopping, relationships, finances, career, life interests and goals and personal health, happiness and wellbeing?

If you’re placing your trust in a declutter checklist or two, you feel continually confused, disappointed or failing in your sincere attempts to move forward and you are ready to “LET IT GO”, and I would absolutely love to help you. 🙂

This is what I do through The Declutter Academy – find out about this professional organizer certification that teaches you how to empower yourself or others with their decluttering and organising so that you are guaranteed success.