Declutter Therapy Official Modality

I’m so delighted to announce that my “Declutter Therapy™” is an internationally-recognised modality with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

I created “Declutter Therapy” because when I started into business back in 2010 I felt there was very little awareness or understanding around the more holistic benefits of decluttering and the mental and emotional blocks that prevent so many of us from letting go, and my Declutter Therapy book and National and International Declutter Day have all been offshoots of that.

My Declutter Therapy approach is of course what I teach in The Declutter Academy with my professional students and forms the basis for all my client and media work, and it’s fantastic to see it getting recognition by such a reputable international organisation.

I’m chuffed… celebration time! 🙂