Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life

Clutter isn’t just physical, and my definition of clutter is anything in your life that’s not serving you or making you feel good. That can encompass mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels, and all the different life areas (it does for most of us). So, how do you know if you need to declutter your life?

If you are suffering from negative thoughts, painful emotions, difficult relationships, uninspiring jobs, unhelpful habits, or you are finding it difficult to overcome anything in your life, you would absolutely benefit from a life declutter. Clutter weighs us down and stops us from living the way we deserve to live, and we need to drop this baggage for once and for all.

I first came to understand to some degree why I needed to declutter my life when I studied Life Coaching in 2010. It’s funny, you think you’re doing great because things seem somewhat in order and you’ve ticked certain boxes in terms of career, relationship, house, and so on. But it’s only after you’ve done a life declutter and learned to let go (I didn’t choose “LET IT GO” as my tagline for nothing!) that you realise how bad you had really felt all that time – stressed, anxious, frustrated, guilty and disappointed, to name a few really common emotions that we take on as second nature from a very early age – and it’s sad that we often aren’t even aware of what we’re lugging around with us. How to declutter your life may have not been on your radar all that time, but it sure would have had its impact on you.

And knowing logically that we’re feeling a certain negative emotion doesn’t necessarily help. Let’s say you recognise that you’re carrying around guilt about a lot of different things in your life, but the guilt is not truly based in reality in that, practically speaking, you know you’ve done nothing to really feel guilty about and that you shouldn’t feel this way for so much of the time. The subconscious mind doesn’t care that you’re laden down with guilt, and although it does a wonderful job in keeping you safe and protected, it operates on a loop that can be hard to break. Focused on survival, it’s certainly not concerned with your personal growth, happiness or peace of mind.

Why it’s so important to learn how to declutter your life

To enjoy true freedom and happiness, amongst other good things, learning to declutter your life is a must. What we want and need from life always changes, and, despite the discomfort we feel when we’re faced with jumping into the next box, this is a good thing. As I continue to declutter my life it has become unrecognisable in so many positive ways.

I can show you everything I’ve learned and all the tools and techniques I teach my clients and students for true, lasting decluttering success. Find out more about how you can finally declutter life, in all areas, through the letting go of the physical and putting the heart back into your living space and also help others with my The Declutter Academy Certified Professional Organizer online training.