Decluttering Consultation Review By WI

Over the years I’ve been in awe of the Women’s Institute (WI) and have had the pleasure of watching many documentaries and films (not least the inspiring Calendar Girls) about these creative and resilient ladies. Established originally in Ontario, Canada in 1897, the UK Women’s Institute was set up during World War I and celebrated an amazing 100 years in 2015!

I was so excited to have been asked to do an online Decluttering Consultation with Heidi, a journalist who works with Woman’s Way (the Women’s Institute Global Annual). Bless Heidi, she was so nervous beforehand, and in this four-page “Declutter Me, Please” feature, she is so open and honest about her overwhelm and resistance to becoming clutter-free and organised! Find out all about her Decluttering Consultation experience and how she got on afterwards here

I’m thrilled about this and I hope you enjoy the piece as much as I enjoyed working with Heidi! 🙂

You can read the complete four-page feature in full size here

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  2. Life Decluttering
  3. Let Go After Bereavement
  4. Let Go After Divorce / Separation

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