Decluttering Equals Letting Go

As you’ve probably seen, the tag line on my Declutter Therapy and The Declutter Therapist logos is “LET IT GO”. Sometimes I joke that my own tag line is beating me up, because, like everyone else, I have struggled with letting go, and this is why I’m so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned in this area!

I recently stumbled across a very relevant and insightful quote from Deepak Chopra. “Everyone knows how to choose; few know how to let go. But it’s only by letting go of each experience that you make room for the next. The skill of letting go can be learned, and once learned you will enjoy living much more spontaneously.”

We hear references everywhere to “letting go”, but what exactly does it mean?

  • It’s giving up of control or forcing or micromanagement of something or someone
  • It’s accepting change, however difficult it is
  • It’s forgiving yourself or others or a situation
  • It’s being OK with showing your vulnerability and admitting you’re not perfect or you’ve made mistakes
  • It’s being fully honest with yourself
  • It’s being grateful and being able to see the positives, even in your toughest times
  • It’s befriending a negative thought or emotion
  • It’s feeling a painful emotion and letting it pass
  • It’s detaching from an outcome and expecting things to turn out for the best
  • It’s the ability to change your perspective instead of changing a person or situation
  • It’s the complete surrendering off to any higher power in which you believe and trusting that to make things right

Ultimately, letting go is the ability to declutter what doesn’t serve you or make you feel good so you can make room for better things. It’s only when we truly let go that we can successfully declutter our physical environments and the rest of our lives.

Do you struggle with letting go in any area of your life? I would love to hear your comments so please do share them below! 🙂