How To Get Rid Of Clutter Fast

Would you be surprised or even a little annoyed if I said there was no really “fast” way of decluttering? I’m not saying you couldn’t tackle it with gusto and make great physical progress, but what are the payoffs?

Everyone is looking for the “fast” clutter-clearing solution, why is that? Why are we so inclined to want speedy solutions for problems that have been in the making for years or decades, even when they obviously don’t work?

It’s so natural to avoid all that decluttering shakes up – the time, the physical effort, the difficult decision-making, not to mind the uncomfortable feelings like overwhelm, impatience, guilt, regret, shame, sadness, to name a few. But in avoiding all this we also unfortunately lose out on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which is a less-stressed, more peaceful and better life in so many ways.

It’s ironic that investing time in decluttering before you begin and really understanding the unhelpful thoughts and emotions that have kept you stuck and learning to declutter in the right way is how you can actually declutter with the greatest confidence and efficiency. I find it so sad to see people weighed down by the vicious cycle of wanting to declutter and making little progress and continually feeling guilty and frustrated by it. It’s such a heavy and stagnant place to be, but yet we can find it impossible to move forward.

How To Get Rid Of Clutter Fast

Do you believe you are worthy and deserving of a wardrobe or home that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and even happy and inspired? Interestingly, getting clients and students to this place is a big part of my work.

Decluttering is such a valuable opportunity to make positive change in every part of our lives beyond our physical spaces (I could tell you hundreds of client and student stories that would blow your socks off in the best way possible!) and decluttering in the right mindset is non-negotiable.

If you want to learn the fundamental skill of decluttering and putting the heart back into your wardrobe and home, help others or build a rewarding business in this area you can find out  more about The Declutter Academy, my online specialised professional organising and decluttering training here. Alternatively, you can find out about the live version of The Declutter Academy in Ireland here.