Professional Decluttering Training

Professional Decluttering Training

I often come across people, both in person and online, who say that working as a professional organizer or indeed professional declutterer is something that’s always been in their heads and hearts, and they get very excited when they learn that I offer specialised professional decluttering training!

Not everyone is in the same place with their decluttering, and it’s important to me to be able offer the right support, whether someone is just starting out with decluttering or more advanced in terms of their skills and confidence levels. So, with varying needs and expectations on their individual journeys, some of the main reasons students are interested in professional decluttering training are as follows:

  • They’re at a place of transition in their lives in terms of career or family, they can recognise that the decluttering they’ve been doing hasn’t really been working for them and they are ready to commit to creating the wardrobes and homes that they know they deserve
  • They have enjoyed some success with their own personal decluttering or organising, and they are passionate about developing and honing their skills and helping friends or family on a more casual basis
  • They feel they have mastered the decluttering or organising of their own living spaces and they are excited about starting or developing a career in this area, whether part-time or full time, creating a unique business and working with paid clients

Professional decluttering training that holds the secret to success!

I was spurred on to create The Declutter Academy professional declutter training to teach everything I’ve learned about decluttering in my personal and professional life. Always being naturally organised, I recognise that I’ve had a quite a colourful and somewhat-inspired relationship with my own decluttering over the years. Coming from a family of teachers, training people to build a business in this area is also such a joy to me. It probably helps that I’ve been a bit of a course freak and have gathered qualifications in every relevant area from interior design, interior architecture, project management, life coaching, NLP, holistic therapies, business, media and communications, I.T. and style consultancy over the years! This means that my students can get all the relevant best-practice decluttering information in a single professional decluttering training, along with all the other leading-edge decluttering tools and techniques I’ve developed, without having to invest the significant amount of time, money and energy getting all of these qualifications or working out how to create these methods themselves.

I have seen from experience that the only way we can achieve long-term success in decluttering or business, or indeed any facet of our lives, is to master the mindset, which is the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and conditioning related to the area. Without this vital awareness or these critical skills, we always end up with half-hearted wardrobes, homes or careers that don’t reflect our individuality or true potential, or bring us freedom, ease and happiness..

In my professional declutter training, I uniquely specialise in teaching you how to master these areas of mindset, as well as all the practical things that you need to know for long-term results for your personal and professional decluttering like storage, organisation, personal style for men and women, lifestyle and décor and design. Learn more about The Declutter Academy at how to be a professional organizer.