Professional Organiser Course UK

Professional Organiser Course UK

When students come to me about learning to declutter professionally they are so excited and eager to find out all they can about decluttering and organising, and they really want to indulge their aptitude and share their passion. Looking for a professional organiser course UK -based or beyond, they are in need of the right advice, support and guidance and they want to fill their knowledge gaps and overcome any of their worries or concerns about running a business and working with clients. Working in this field may have been a dream since childhood or a more recent realisation that has hit them like a bolt out of the blue but now makes total sense.

Over time, the student may have done some research or read books on the area, or have been helping others on a more casual basis. Likely having accomplished some decluttering or organising of their own living spaces, they invariably have a deep desire to help others, and I always feel so privileged to become their teacher and mentor in their special journey!

What I’d see as possibly the most common pitfall for those who want to work in this field is the over-focusing on the “practical” skills and knowledge of decluttering, especially on areas like organisation or storage. A person has, in many cases, invested a lot of time or energy in gathering up all the latest organisational tips and trying out all the different storage solutions they can, often to the detriment of the core of the process, which is “decluttering mindset”. Even if they are aware that mindset plays some part in decluttering, they don’t really understand it, and, sadly, it tends to go largely ignored.

Professional Organiser Course UK and Worldwide

This mindset (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, conditioning) aspect of decluttering is absolutely number one. It’s an area that can bring us a little discomfort – that’s so natural as no-one really likes to focus on feelings too much – and that has, in part, to do with our very-powerful subconscious mind. But if this “letting go” aspect of decluttering isn’t first mastered, unfortunately all the organisational tips or storage solutions in the world won’t help, and this difficult realisation is why so many of my clients have come to work with me over the years. There is always mental and emotional baggage behind our physical baggage, and unless we can offer relief in this area in the most competent, inspired and gentle way, sadly our clients won’t enjoy real, long-term success in their wardrobes, homes or lives.

And this struggle with mindset isn’t just about the work being done with others. I’ve seen so much, despite all the decluttering and organising that might have been done in their own living spaces, how my students recognise that their old way of decluttering before my professional organiser course hadn’t been very meaningful or hadn’t remarkably transformed every part of their lives in the way it should, beyond a tidier, more organised wardrobe or home. In a sense, they had no concept of what they or those whom they were helping were missing out on, and how this was limiting or negatively impacting their approach in their work. This is why I’m so passionate about sharing everything I know and empowering people in the UK, Ireland and around the world to help themselves and others in an inspired and fresh way.

The Unique Approach Shared in this Professional Organiser Course

The Declutter Academy is a whole-life philosophy that ensures how we ourselves and our clients feel about our appearance, our bodies, our shopping, our relationships, our finances, our careers, our life interests and goals and our personal health, happiness and wellbeing, as well as our physical possessions, our wardrobes and our homes is radically transformed!

Further to that, this professional organiser course delves into the specifics of setting up and running a professional decluttering and organising business. I myself have enjoyed undertaking a great variety of qualifications relevant to decluttering in the past two decades such as Interior Design and Architecture, Project Management, Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Work and Style Consultancy – I’ve actually invested tens of thousands in my education and personal and professional mentoring over the years. I got a lot from each of these individual courses (some were absolutely life-changing!), but, beyond an odd bit of general information about being in business or working with clients, not one of these professional training courses equipped me with the skills I needed to run the decluttering and organising business that was right for me in the real world.

Because no one course has ever taught me everything I needed to know I decided to filter down the best-practice principles of the many disciplines I’ve learned and combine them with all the leading-edge tools and techniques I have myself have developed in a single training. The outcome of this was The Declutter Academy, the professional organiser course UK and all other countries, available conveniently on an online basis.

I also see again and again how the strongest businesses and happiest entrepreneurs honour the process of working on what they think and how they feel as much as the practical aspect of what they do. You could call it “business mindset”. For example, if you start into business but feel uncomfortable asking for or receiving money (even at a subconscious or unconscious level, which is where, unhelpfully, most of these limiting things lie) and find it difficult to overcome this, it’s always going to be weighing you down and holding your business back. Although these are really natural and everyday fears in business, it’s incredible to see how such issues so fundamental to a rewarding career are overlooked or misunderstood in business in general, as well as in professional industry training. (They’re often even entirely dismissed on the far-out “logic” that everyone has a positive relationship with money, for example.)

The above case with the money is just one of the countless crucial things that The Declutter Academy professional organiser course looks at, going far beyond the necessary practical information on organisation, storage, personal style and clothing, décor and design, lifestyle and working with clients that you also really need for business success. As with the “decluttering mindset” aspect I’ve developed, I’ve further created a set of unique information, tools and techniques to help you actually “release on” anything that’s holding you back in business. In this way, you can give yourself the best possible chance in your career and not waste time making mistakes you just don’t need to make (And you can be sure I’ve made a good lot of them myself!) 🙂

The Declutter Academy is based on my internationally-recognised “Declutter Therapy™” modality and is an internationally-recognised training provider. If you are interested in my online professional organiser course UK or any other corner of the world you can learn more at how to be a professional organizer.