Professional Organizer Training

Professional Organizer Training

Because I’ve been working with students in my professional organizer training for a few years now, I get to see the main challenges that they face in building a career in this field. I’ve been there myself in my own business with many of these struggles, so I can really empathise. Empowering my students to overcome anything that’s holding them back so they can enjoy rewarding careers and help their clients in the most effective way possible is one of my biggest passions.

Although I’m mindful that this list is somewhat general and brief, these are some of the biggest obstacles that they need support with.

5 Greatest Professional Organizer Training Student Challenges

  1. They are worried about the money aspect of what they do, such as adequately pricing their services and feeling comfortable asking for payment (I don’t know a single person who hasn’t experienced some fears around money in business!)
  2. They don’t know how to best explain what they do in words or on paper in a way that will resonate with those whom they want to work with
  3. They are inspired by competition but they don’t want to feel like they are copying anyone else, and although they want to develop a unique business, concept and services that are right for them they don’t know how to make that start
  4. They don’t know how or where to find the right clients
  5. They worry that they are lacking in professional knowledge or skills and they are concerned about putting themselves out there and not feeling authentic or expert in every aspect of what they do

It’s important, of course, that professional organizer training covers all the bits that you expect you should know as a professional such as personal style, interior décor and design, organisation, storage, lifestyle, and so forth. What’s essential though is, as much as we recognise the value of this practical information in our businesses, we understand its limitations.

The main challenges in business are usually beyond facts and more to do with our very powerful thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Take the first point above about money, for example, and I’ve seen over the years how such common discomforts (however illogical they seem) negatively impact businesses. And if we don’t take the opportunity to overcome such challenges before we get stuck into business, we create a very difficult road for ourselves. Most notably, these challenges are actually hidden (or subconscious) for a great number of us, so if we don’t get the right expert help and support in identifying, understanding and overcoming these blocks, we’ll sadly never achieve the success in business that we strive for.

The good news is that if any of the above challenges resonate with you at all, you don’t have to remain stuck or unsure any longer as I can absolutely help you through my professional organizer training! The Declutter Academy online programme gives students the opportunity to develop and honour the knowledge and skills that they need to give themselves the best possible chance at a career in decluttering or organizing. Students can feel confident that their work has been guided, reviewed and certified by a world-recognised professional trainer that has experience on the ground.

More than theory

Because I’ve been out there myself in the industry, the information in this professional organizer training is beyond theoretical. Students can benefit from my wide range of qualifications as well as all my personal and professional experiences including business partnerships, national and international decluttering campaigns, more TV, radio and print media requests that you could shake a stick at, book writing, spokesperson for international charities, group workshops and talks with thousands of people and work with countless individual clients, online and offline, from all backgrounds, ages and all parts of the world. I share the most common challenges and pitfalls that are experienced in this business, including the many I’ve faced myself, and I teach students to overcome them with courage and ease so they can enjoy a rewarding career.

Find out more about my The Declutter Academy at how to be a professional organizer.