The Best Decluttering Course!

After a year’s dedicated work, I have just launched my Declutter Your Wardrobe and Home online course and to celebrate I am offering a €100 discount for a limited time until 29th February 2016. 🙂

As you may already know, the first job I had after college was an Instructional Designer, planning and writing  content for online courses, and I often feel that I was put on this earth to create course content about decluttering! I’ve been continuously writing for decluttering books, articles, decluttering training programmes and media features since 2010 with a real focus on the little-known benefits of decluttering and the decluttering blocks that so many of us face.

The Best Decluttering Course!

The best decluttering course you’ll find!

My “Declutter Therapy” approach goes way beyond the physical act of decluttering, and over the last two decades I’ve enjoyed studying areas like Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Media and Communications, IT, Project Management, Training, Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Quantum Thinking Technologies, Reiki Master and Style Consultancy. This learning, along with my many personal and client decluttering experiences, has formed the basis of this unique online course.

My Many Decluttering-Related Challenges

Although I’ve always been a great organiser, I myself have overcome many challenges – not just around learning to declutter and let go – but in all the related aspects like shopping, lifestyle, home and personal style. So, I completely get it! And I have to say that decluttering just doesn’t work long-term if we’re not overcoming the blocks that are commonly keeping us stuck, like overwhelm, sadness, impatience, procrastination and guilt, to name but a few.

I’m so proud of the end result and I can say with conviction that there isn’t an online decluttering course, book or programme anywhere that offers the range and depth of the decluttering techniques, tools and information in this course to help you gently overcome your blocks – all so you can finally let go and create freedom and joy in your wardrobe, home and life!

I am offering a discount of €100 on the course for a limited time only, and you can find out all about how this online course will support you with your decluttering in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace and get access to the course here.

Breda x