Working With Decluttering Clients in Changing Times

If you have a decluttering business or you had been thinking about getting into the area professionally, you are likely questioning the future of the decluttering industry with the restrictions and limitations that have been put in place due to the Covid-19 worldwide crisis.

I’m happy to share an update today that should reassure you and keep your decluttering dream alive!

Despite what most people think, you do not need to see a client’s home or even meet in person to help a client declutter. I began working remotely with clients when I started Declutter Therapy back in 2010. I’ve always found working virtually very engaging and rewarding and results for the client can be as good or even better as working in person! This surprising fact is actually something I’ve been asked a lot about in talks and media features over the years.

It’s easy when you know how and I’m very pleased to say that The Declutter Academy professional certification training is ahead of the curve in this regard in that it teaches you the skills and confidence to be able to work with clients remotely. What’s great about this approach is that there’s no expensive or time-consuming travel required, you can work with your decluttering clients from the comfort and convenience of your home and your client can be located anywhere. In the last decade I’ve really enjoyed helping and supporting clients from all over the world to declutter – many for the first time ever – so they can transform all areas of their lives!

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