Decluttering Courses for International Declutter Day 2021!

To celebrate International Declutter Day on Saturday 18th September 2021 in its ninth year, we are offering a discount on all our three levels of decluttering programmes for a limited time.

How to avail of discount
  1. Go to the level and course of your choice:
  2. Scroll down to the payments section.
  3. For Understand Hoarding, Declutter Your Wardrobe and Home and The Declutter Academy Certified and Self-Study one-off payments, select the relevant BUY NOW button and you’ll see the discounted price, which you will be charged when you make your payment.  [OR]
  4. For The Declutter Academy Certified and Self-Study monthly subscriptions, select the relevant BUY NOW button, enter Coupon Code idd2021 and you’ll be charged the discounted price when you make your payment (this discount will also apply to the remaining months on your subscription).

Discount is available through to midnight Sunday 19th September 2021.

Learn all about International Declutter Day and how to get involved to help yourself, your family and your community on our official website HERE.

Happy Decluttering!

Breda x