Help with Hoarding or Clutter

Do you or your loved one or client need help with hoarding or clutter? I’m delighted to announce that, a labour of love culminating after many years, my Understand Hoarding support tool has now been launched as my Level 1 decluttering programme!

I love to see the increased awareness in decluttering over the last while, and while this has got people’s interest, it saddens me to see all the unhelpful or incorrect information that still prevails around the subject and how this is causing people so much confusion, disappointment and frustration.

I made the decision to develop this very accessible support tool as a first step for people to take with their decluttering, largely due to the queries I’ve been getting over the years. Since 2010, I’ve received countless message from people in countries all around world who are at the end of their tether in the quest to find lasting freedom and relief from clutter or hoarding. In many cases, it’s friends and family who want to help loved ones or professionals whose work overlaps with decluttering in some way, as well, of course, as people looking for help with hoarding or clutter for themselves.

Through the Understand Hoarding support tool I can provide the level of compassionate, down-to-earth decluttering advice and direction that I believe is needed to get real, long-term results with clutter or hoarding. I recommend this Level 1 support tool is done before any decluttering is even started, so you don’t fall into the unfortunate trap of wasting time, energy and money that so many people do when trying to declutter. This help with hoarding or clutter will give you the right level of clarity, motivation and peace of mind so you can begin to move your difficult situation forward in the best possible way for all involved.

I stared covering some of the information in this support tool in my group and one-to-one client and student work in 2010, and I’m always told that, while new and unexpected, this entirely fresh perspective gives decluttering the clarity and meaning to make it finally doable. I get so many messages from people who have been inspired to run home to declutter for the first time in their lives after attending just one of my talks.

It doesn’t matter how much “stuff” we have – clutter and decluttering are sensitive and complex areas that are difficult to get our heads around. I believe, for decluttering success that is lasting and tangible, we really need to value the time and energy that this vital life-skill takes us to learn.

Please don’t waste any more of your life feeling guilty, overwhelmed and disheartened about your decluttering efforts. Get help with hoarding or clutter today by doing the Understand Hoarding support tool before you take another single step forward. See full details and get immediate access now here.