Mental Health and Decluttering

I’ve enjoyed giving Decluttering Workshops and Decluttering Talks to a range of wellness and corporate groups around the country over the last number of months, and it’s heartening to see the increased interest in the area of Mental Health and Decluttering in particular.

Our understanding of Mental Health is still somewhat in its infancy, and I believe our Emotional Health deserves as much conversation. Traditionally, the focus was on pushing down what we think or how we feel and maintaining that stiff upper lip. Thankfully, we are beginning to understand how this can be detrimental to our wellbeing on all levels, and we’re now looking at our struggles more openly and honestly than ever before.

We can all benefit from understanding the relationship between Mental Health and Decluttering – regardless of our gender, age, background, the amount of stuff we have or the size of our home. This awareness is part of the wider philosophy that empowers us to gain long-lasting relief from the burden of clutter and have a free and happy relationship with our wardrobes and homes. It really is life-transforming.

Over the last few decades I’ve indulged in studying and researching the wide range of subjects and modalities that I believe is relevant to decluttering. I founded “Declutter Therapy” in 2010 as I was so passionate about sharing a fresh, holistic approach to the field that’s all about understanding how we think and feel about clutter and decluttering. As part of this concept, from day one I’ve been championing “Declutter to feel good” through my National Declutter Day, International Declutter Day and Declutter Therapy book, and I’ve tirelessly shared this message through countless charity, organisational and media campaigns and features.

Continually learning in my work with thousands of people in groups, individually and online, I’ve also developed three levels of decluttering training programmes to help people declutter their wardrobes and homes as well as teach students how to work successfully with clients and create a rewarding decluttering business.

Would you or a loved one benefit from understanding the crucial link between mental health and decluttering and how decluttering in the right mindset will improve your life in every single area? I would love to inspire you with my cutting-edge decluttering knowledge, tools and techniques.

Imagine you can learn to declutter personally or professionally in the privacy and convenience of your own home! Find out more about my very special programmes here.