Overcome Your Decluttering Blocks

One of the main reasons I developed The Declutter Therapist and Declutter Therapy was to create awareness around the little-understood blocks that so many of us face before or during decluttering. I felt that so many people associated decluttering with lack and deprivation (I’ve been there myself), and that couldn’t be further from the truth!

These blocks can at times be complex and deep-rooted, and further to the practicalities around lack of time or information, overwhelm, shame, guilt, sadness, impatience, lack of self-belief and even impatience also hold us back from making any progress.

It’s impossible to enjoy a full and free life if we are stuck in the past or giving our power to physical possessions. To me, it’s a basic right to have a home and wardrobe that make us feel happy and inspired. Overcome your decluttering blocks with my help in 2016 and you won’t look back! My approach is gentle as well as practical, and I offer a unique range of both decluttering books and online courses and live and in-person services to meet your individual needs. I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂