Professional Decluttering Service

Professional Decluttering Service

Are you looking for a professional decluttering service that really brings results? Declutter Therapy would love to help, and here’s why.

I began developing a variety of modern and innovative services in 2010 as I felt the more traditional offerings in the area of decluttering and organising just weren’t giving people the relief they needed. The focus seemed to be either on what was in fashion with wardrobe decluttering, there was almost an obsession about the latest “silver bullet” organisational tip or storage solution, or decluttering was seen as simply as a physical “clearing-everything-out” task. Although I could see there were a small number of professionals offering help with clinical hoarding, there was no professional decluttering service to support the many people who were just “stuck” with their everyday decluttering (which, incidentally, I find is the great majority of people, at one stage of their lives or another).

When I realised in the early days how much people were crying out for specialised decluttering help, I found it hard to believe that the right professional skills were so lacking. The messages I was getting from those who were coming across my work in all corners of the world from day one enforced this. They were desperate for someone who could finally understand why they were unable to declutter, and they were relieved to find a decluttering solution that could help them move forward in their living spaces and also their lives. They were “over” the latest gimmicky storage solutions that, ironically, had only added to their clutter problem. They wanted a gentle, non-judgemental professional declutter service that could really bring results. This feedback made me determined to share my original approach to decluttering and make it accessible to people outside of Ireland, and this sparked my decision to also develop my services into online courses and programmes.

I believe the ability to declutter is a basic life skill that we all deserve to have. Yet most of us are consciously unaware of our decluttering problem, we’re avoiding or in denial of the issue, we’re trying every latest fad to divert from the discomfort we feel, or we’re even “throwing everything out” in the belief that it’s the only way to relate to material possessions, only to feel continually frustrated, confused, guilty and disappointed with our decluttering efforts.

It’s vital we can look at the message behind the mess where our decluttering is concerned – otherwise we will never master it as a skill, which means we will never be able to enjoy relaxing, streamlined, creative and fulfilling wardrobes and homes that truly reflect us. To really move forward in our lives, we need to acknowledge any issues without blame so we can fix them. And decluttering needs to be balanced and intuitive for it to be healthy and sustainable and so it can transform every single area our of lives, in the way that I’ve seen it do with those I’ve worked with over the years.

What a professional decluttering service needs to do

For long-term decluttering success, a professional decluttering service needs to cut through what doesn’t work and what’s not important. Decluttering is a vast area, and it requires knowledge of the areas of personal style, décor and design, organisation, storage and lifestyle. As well as looking at these very practical aspects of the decluttering process, it needs to gently and competently delve into the thoughts, beliefs, conditioning and emotions that are keeping is stuck for true, lasting freedom.

Each professional decluttering service I’ve created has been designed around decades of relevant professional qualifications and research as well as my countless invaluable experiences with clients and students of all ages and backgrounds.

Regardless of where you are in the world, I offer a decluttering solution to meet your special requirements.

  • Get practical, step-by-step information to get you started with the wardrobe decluttering process
  • Discover how to transform all areas of your life through decluttering your wardrobe and home
  • Find out how to best support your loved ones with their decluttering and letting go
  • Learn to build a decluttering and organising business and work with clients with confidence and ease

To find out more about how each individual Declutter Therapy professional declutter service can help yourself and others, see Decluttering Services.