Welcome to Clear Seeing 2020!

As we embark on another decade, the theme of this year is very much “20/20”, or “clear seeing”.

This “clear seeing” is really a “clear knowing” about what we want, what makes us happy, or where we’re going in our lives. It’s where we feel aligned, guided and trusting as we flow along with whatever inspired steps or actions it takes to achieve our intention or outcome.

Without clarity, we can be overwhelmed, frustrated, lacklustre, even anxious. It’s like trawling through a heavy fog when we go through phrases where we can’t make a decision or we simply don’t know what’s right or best for us. So, when clarity hits like a bolt from the blue we feel strong, determined and a welcome zest for life.

Where there are doubts or insecurities, clarity can, however, be fickle and short-lived. One day we almost can’t imagine ever walking the wilderness of confusion again. And it can be such a shock to the system to wake up the following morning feeling uncertain, indecisive or even disinterested in those same dreams, plans and ideas! I found 2019 a year where I flipped between conviction and confusion so many times and it can be tiring, deflating and disappointing to feel that you’re back to square one and none the wiser. Thankfully, 2020 already feels somewhat lighter and more focused.

Confusion is natural – it’s simply life’s way of giving us a nudge and asking us to do things a little differently. It’s showing us how much we’ve overcome and grown and it’s reminding us that we have the luxury of free will. But choosing to stay in the fog and continually mull over our options and not make decisions bears a heavy weight on our minds, emotions and bodies.

This is why spending time becoming aware of who we truly are and what makes us tick is so important. Our radar is active and sharp, and we are directed by a strong sense of what the heart and gut want.

In clarity, we have the gift of freedom and peace of mind. We can get on with life in with passion and optimism.

Learning to declutter and let go with the right tools and thinking gives you clarity and a sense of space like nothing else. If you are confused, overwhelmed, indecisive or weighed down in your wardrobe, house, possessions, personal style, shopping, lifestyle, or even in your professional decluttering career or helping others declutter, I can help you today – all from the comfort and convenience of your own home. See my decluttering programmes here.